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No Safe Spaces – Coming Soon!

| No Safe Spaces.com

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Obama Adviser Dan Pfeiffer On Rushing to Pass a Bill Before You Know What’s In It.

I want to know if the 4,831 people who “liked” the Tweet, liked it because they are as stupid as Dan Pfeiffer or because they are laughing at stupid Dan Pfeiffer. Former Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer attempted to school … Continue reading

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Amazon Prime does more for northern food security than federal subsidies

The consensus in Iqaluit seems to be that everyone with a credit card has an Amazon Prime membership. That’s because people can often find groceries cheaper online than in local stores, despite government food subsidy programs. “Amazon Prime has done more toward elevating the standard … Continue reading

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Pot-legalization advocates ask governor to veto pot study bill

CONCORD — Advocates for legalizing marijuana in New Hampshire are urging Gov. Chris Sununu to veto HB 215, a bill that would create a study commission to consider marijuana legalization and regulation, claiming the commission is stacked with legalization opponents. The … Continue reading

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I Don’t Recall Jeanne Shaheen Caring About the Chinese Navy Before Trump Was President

During the two-hour confirmation hearing, both Republicans and Democrats raised concerns about the Navy’s effectiveness and its ability to quickly expand the U.S. fleet. Still, [Richard V.]Spencer, a finance executive and former Marine, seems headed for confirmation. … Sen. Jeanne … Continue reading

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How Screwed Are Massachusetts Retailers, Let us Count the Ways

Bricks and mortar retailers in the Bay state getting crushed by e-tailing, and without the annual tax holiday, are looking for a way to keep their heads above water. | NH1

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Disney Fires Muppeteer Behind Kermit the Frog

He is the green amphibian that people worldwide have grown up knowing, the frog with kind, somber, eyes and a sense of humor that is somehow so relatable. Kermit the Frog really needs no introduction. But the man behind his … Continue reading

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Speaker Jasper Statement Regarding Charges Against Rep. Schleien

The following statement was released this morning by House Speaker Shawn Jasper in response to sexual assault charges made against Rep. Erick Schleien (r-Hudson) by the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office. “Anytime one of our members faces charges such as these … Continue reading

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NH representative and former Salem selectman Ronald Belanger dies at 78

SALEM — Political leaders in Salem and at the State House in Concord reacted with sadness on Friday to the passing of Ronald J. Belanger, 78, a 13-term state representative and former Salem selectman. A retired police officer from Chelsea, Mass., … Continue reading

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Has the Lefty Media Lost Snopes.com?

Snopes.com is not exactly the blessing to truth and transparency it claims for itself. Few on the right trust it to which we may now add a few on the left, assuming the progressives don’t try and burn it to … Continue reading

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