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NH Democrats: Voters, Data and Election Commission! Oh My!

On Friday, New Hampshire Representative Carol Shea-Porter wrote a letter addressed to both Governor Sununu and Secretary of State Bill Gardner requesting they do not comply with the Presidential Advisory Commission’s request for New Hampshire’s voter database. Voter information is … Continue reading

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Henniker: “Progress” Comes to a Progressive Town in New Hampshire

Henniker, “The Only Henniker On Earth,” a liberal enclave funded by a small college and existing for the benefit of a few wealthy, connected locals. The small town just went through an agonizing experience. In the face of overwhelming vocal … Continue reading

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41 years ago, 4 bombings swept up the seacoast from Boston to New Hampshire

Terrorism in Boston used to be a somewhat regular occurrence. And in 1976, the city saw it from all angles, from radical leftists to hardline busing segregationists. However, the violence reached its pinnacle 41 years ago (Today), when a series … Continue reading

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Most people have, at one time or another, been broke. Of course, the term is subjective. I have friends who say they were broke as teenagers, but their family had plenty. They just didn’t have an abundance of disposable income. … Continue reading

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Some Takeaways on NH Education Spending Study by the NHCPPS

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies recently released a study titled Education Finance in New Hampshire – Headed to a Rural Crisis.  The Center is decidedly left of center, but the study is well worth the read because it … Continue reading

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Popular Manchester NH bakery closing after 30 years

Kathy West drove 90 minutes each way Thursday to pick up custard pita and fruited turnovers from Kay’s Bakery. “We just discovered them last week,” said West, who lives in the Sullivan County town of Washington. “I just find a good … Continue reading

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Republican Review: The Budget, What they are saying…

Another successful legislative season has concluded for the summer and Republicans have once again passed a responsible conservative budget that helps the state live within its means while taking care of our state’s top priorities. Papers across the state have … Continue reading

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NH Court: Drug Company Can’t Object to State’s Outside Counsel

New Hampshire used outside council to milk oil companies in the MTBE scam. Is this any different? CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court has cleared away one obstacle to the state’s investigation into marketing practices by large pharmaceutical companies. … Continue reading

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How Small Town Papers Have Kept Community Trust

Pardon me if I disagree as to the authenticity of “small town newspapers.” Large media outlets could learn from small town newspapers about being authentic and winning the trust of readers. Small town papers have “been around since frontier days,” … Continue reading

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Group aims to save New Hampshire farmland

KENSINGTON, N.H. (AP) – A conservation group is working to protect a family-owned dairy farm in New Hampshire to ensure that it will not be developed in decades to come. The owners of Bodwell Farm in Kensington agreed to sell … Continue reading

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