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Can’t Progressives Follow Simple Rules Any Longer?

You can tell when progressives have lost the narrative – the one about all Christians are hypocrites because they can not live up to the teachings of the Bible. We have all watched as the Media and left wingers who … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Accusations Are “Timeless,” Right, Ray?

Ten years ago, doesn’t seem that long when you look at the alleged sexual assaults and improprieties being aired every day on national news sites, radio, and print. This story below is about an internal investigation by the Democrat Party … Continue reading

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Dash Contractor Points Remittance Users to Crypto ATMs Over “Funding the Wall”

Billions in remittances are annually sent from folks in the USSA to their friends and families elsewhere. For decades, firms like Western Union and MoneyGram took a hefty fee for this service. But today, with the emergence of peer-to-peer digital … Continue reading

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Orville “Bud” Fitch New Election Expert?

NPR had a very revealing article about Orville “Bud” Fitch who will now become, at the insistence of Secretary of State Bill Gardner – our new election expert! N.H. Secretary of State Taps Statehouse Veteran as Elections Attorney Orville “Bud” … Continue reading

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Brandon Pinney Victorious in Court in Free Speech Case vs NH State Police

After being found guilty last year in Keene District Court of “disorderly conduct” for telling state police to “f**k off”, NH-native Brandon Pinney appealed to a jury trial. I’m happy to announce that thanks to a hung jury, Brandon is victorious, as … Continue reading

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Bubba Might Be Guilty of Sexual Harassment When It’s Politically Convenient

The public sexual harassment bloodletting has finally made its way down to the likes of William Jefferson Clinton. A man still being honored by New Hampshire Democrats (last night, in fact) despite the sudden 180 on Bubba by some liberal politicians and … Continue reading

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