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NH Committee to Study Cryptocurrency – 2017 Meeting Video

New Hampshire’s Committee to Study Cryptocurrency meets for its required 2017 meeting. They question state regulators after the Cryptocurrency Protection Act has been in place for a few months. They ultimately decide to recommend no further actions against or for … Continue reading

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If Socialism Helps the Poor, Why…

If socialism helps the poor, why are the poor in socialist countries so much poorer than the poor in capitalist countries? 🤔 — Mark (@markantro) November 1, 2017

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Ruger sales, income shot down in 3rd quarter

Sturm, Ruger & Co.’s sales and profits have taken a hit ever since Donald Trump was elected president, and last quarter was no different, according to the company’s most recent earnings release. | Keep Reading at NHBR

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IRS Targeting Cost’s Taxpayers 3.5 Million. What Will it Cost Jeanne Shaheen?

The Justice Department has concluded that the Obama era IRS broke the law when it mishandled Tea Party group requests for non-profit status (after the Democrat drubbing in 2010) and in the run up to the 2012 Presidential elections. |Keep Reading at … Continue reading

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CONCORD- House Majority Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement relative to the state revenue report published Thursday, in which stated the following: “Business Taxes for October totaled $25.7 million, which were $0.9 million (3.6%) above plan and $8.1 million … Continue reading

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Violent Crime Down in New Hampshire’s Largest City…But, But, ‘Blood in the Streets!’

In this morning’s news read, Rich Girard, reports Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard’s crime numbers for the state’s largest city. In an announcement made yesterday, Willard said that serious crimes were down seven percent year to date, continuing a downward … Continue reading

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Buckles The Clown Strikes Again

Raymond, “Buckles The Clown” Buckley strikes again. You have to love Ray’s antics. Everytime Ray opens his mouth its always good for a laugh. Ray is plagued with not ever being an original thinker. He is the Human Parrot for … Continue reading

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Recent Sexual Misconduct Charges at Schools Rattle New Hampshire

Allegations and revelations of sexual misconduct at educational institutions in the Granite State have sparked a conversation about what recourse victims have in these cases. This week, New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald announced his office was investigating |Keep Reading at NH Journal

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