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Can’t Progressives Follow Simple Rules Any Longer?

You can tell when progressives have lost the narrative – the one about all Christians are hypocrites because they can not live up to the teachings of the Bible. We have all watched as the Media and left wingers who … Continue reading

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Attention Catholics: Before you Donate, CCHD Is A Front for Radical Left Wing Activism

If you attend a Catholic Mass this weekend, you might be asked to contribute to something called the “Catholic Campaign for Human Development” (CCHD). The annual collection for CCHD takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it is ostensibly aimed … Continue reading

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Ed Naile: Twelve Lousy Things To Remember – And They Forgot The Most Important One

Let me take the Alinsky crowd to school. You are not going to disarm the American public. Every time you try and use a shooting – except in Chicago because you won there, as a wedge issue, the Second Amendment … Continue reading

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Zandra Rice-Hawkins trys to Alinsky NH Gov Chris Sununu

[Zandra] is looking to do to Sununu what she TRIED to do to me.  Problem is, most Republicans STILL don’t understand how these Rules are used, don’t know when they are in use, and worse, how to break that use. … Continue reading

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