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N.H. House Votes This Week

Tuesday, March 6, begins what might be a three-day session for the New Hampshire House. The representatives have an agenda that’s about 150 pages long. And yes, there’s a snowstorm in the forecast, as if the schedule weren’t already dicey … Continue reading

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CNHT Needs Bill Reviewers, Trackers

CNHT is looking for volunteers to track NH legislation, alert us to when the bills will be heard before House and Senate committees, and ultimately, when they will be voted upon by both full bodies. The best way to prepare … Continue reading

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Filed So Far: Some Bills for 2018

More than 800 bills have been filed so far by New Hampshire legislators for 2018. Here are a few on which I’ll be reporting, with links to the texts of the bill where available. The Senate hasn’t released all its … Continue reading

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Cornerstone: NH Bills to Watch for in 2018

From Cornerstone’s email newsletter ***** Some bills were retained to be studied later this year (and the Cornerstone team will be watching!), and those bills will be voted on in early 2018. Others were tabled, and we could see the … Continue reading

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Henniker: Your Next Water Bill Will Be How Much Per Gallon?

Approximately five weeks from now the (Henniker) residents who have town water will be getting their first water bills determined by the electronic water meters. Review of the posted minutes reveals that the $$$/gallon is yet unknown to the public. … Continue reading

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Education Bills Scheduled for Week of April 17, 2017

The House and Senate must finalize bills by April 25th if they must go to a second committee, generally those with fiscal notes. Any differences between the House and Senate versions must be negotiated as we head into May and … Continue reading

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