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Paving the Way: Judges, Children, and Gender

Cross-Posted by Ellen Kolb Could the state take a child away from a parent who does not want the child to receive cross-sex hormones and amputation of healthy body parts? An Ohio court has told us the answer: yes. When … Continue reading

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Don’t Impose Gender Reassignment on Minors (HB 1532, 2018)

Cornerstone Action, representing thousands of New Hampshire residents, endorses HB 1532. We urge you to send this children’s health measure to the full House with an Ought to Pass recommendation. This legislation is a thoughtful response to a recent policy decision made … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Move N.H. Toward Assisted Suicide

Senate Bill 490’s title indicates it’s about studying end-of-life issues, but the sponsor’s recent Senate testimony told a different tale. Cornerstone Action’s executive director Shannon McGinley explains the organization’s opposition to the bill. |Keep Reading at Cornerstone

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N.H. House Passes Bill to Muzzle Therapists; It’s Time for Messages to Senate & Governor

The therapy ban has passed the New Hampshire House. Next stop: the Senate. The House passed HB 587 by a vote of 179-171 on February 8. See below for details of the vote. The measure seeks to prohibit licensed mental health professionals … Continue reading

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Therapy Ban is back… AGAIN

Biology-deniers in the New Hampshire House have moved for “reconsideration” of HB 587. If the House votes “yes” on reconsideration, a vote to pass this bill could follow immediately. This dangerous bill would criminalize any discussion between your child and a licensed therapist that … Continue reading

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Our Message on “Gender Identity,” HB 1319: Biology Isn’t Bigotry

The supporters of HB 1319 mean business. They want you to believe that not all Granite Staters are covered under anti-discrimination protections. They seek special rights based on “gender identity.” They deny the threats the bill clearly poses to your … Continue reading

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Cornerstone: Early House Action, 2018: Mixed Results

In the first floor sessions of 2018, the New Hampshire House approved a bill to establish education savings accounts but killed an abortion statistics bill. In a pair of dramatic votes that each required a tiebreaking vote by Speaker of … Continue reading

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Speakers Well-Received at Cornerstone’s Gender Identity Forum

The Cornerstone team was proud to welcome three exceptional people to New Hampshire in late November, each with a story and expertise relating to gender identity policies. Over the course of the week, hundreds of people came to hear them … Continue reading

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Cornerstone: Retained Bills Coming to N.H. House in January

New Hampshire House committees have made their recommendations on bill that were retained for study earlier this year. Each of these bills will be voted on by the full House early in 2018. | Keep Reading at NHCornerstone.org

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You’re Invited to a Candid Forum on Gender Identity

Thursday, November 30, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Executive Court, 1199 S. Mammoth Road, Manchester, New Hampshire As the New Hampshire legislature prepares to vote on several gender-identity related bills, Cornerstone welcomes three experts with valuable experience and insights. Stephanie Curry, … Continue reading

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