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Paving the Way: Judges, Children, and Gender

Cross-Posted by Ellen Kolb Could the state take a child away from a parent who does not want the child to receive cross-sex hormones and amputation of healthy body parts? An Ohio court has told us the answer: yes. When … Continue reading

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Ban on Carrying Guns Within 1,000 Feet of Park Struck Down

The Illinlois Supreme Court had already held that the Second Amendment protects a right to carry guns in most public places, and in today’s People v. Chairez it likewise rejected a ban focused on carrying within 1000 feet of parks: |Keep Reading … Continue reading

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Gov. Sununu Signs Veterans Court Bill into Law

Governor Chris Sununu has signed legislation to establish uniform guidelines for the state’s veterans courts. Veterans courts give some vets grappling with mental health or drug use problems a chance to solve them without going to jail. | More… | NHPR

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Sununu’s Supreme Court Pick – Even Worse Than We Feared

I previously posted about Governor Sunna’s nomination of Bobbie Hantz Marconi to the New Hampshire Supreme Court here and here.  In brief, I was of the opinion that Sununu was playing identity politics along the lines President George W. Bush played … Continue reading

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President Trump Should Bypass Courts on Travel Ban

“…there can be no doubt whatsoever that President Trump is acting within his legal authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act which grants him the authority to “suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants … Continue reading

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Ed Naile: Judicial Government Education Funding Extortion Marches On

In New Jersey, the State Supreme Court is once again, as has been the norm since 1972, ordering more spending on government schools. The first case, Robinson v. Cahill 1972, opened Pandora’s Spending Box for schools – without any requirements … Continue reading

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U.S. judge allows first transgender person to sue under disability law

A U.S. judge ruled on Thursday that a transgender woman could move forward with a sex discrimination lawsuit against her employer under the Americans with Disabilities Act, even though the ADA explicitly excludes transgender people from protection.  More… | Reuters

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Trump begins effort to pack courts with conservatives

Name a few hundred more and we’ll finally be getting somewhere. The Trump administration will name nearly a dozen federal judges as nominees for key posts Monday as President Donald Trump works to pack the nation’s federal courts with more … Continue reading

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NH State Supreme Court should decide how to divvy up $86m insurance surplus

A Superior Court judge is asking the New Hampshire Supreme Court to decide how best to divvy up at least $86 million in surplus to health care providers held by a quasi-public, medical malpractice insurance company that’s going out of … Continue reading

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Trump ‘absolutely’ considered breaking up 9th Circuit Court

President Donald Trump has “absolutely” considered proposals that would break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — the federal appeals court that ruled against his travel ban — he said Wednesday. Congress is currently considering legislation that would break … Continue reading

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