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Our Message on “Gender Identity,” HB 1319: Biology Isn’t Bigotry

The supporters of HB 1319 mean business. They want you to believe that not all Granite Staters are covered under anti-discrimination protections. They seek special rights based on “gender identity.” They deny the threats the bill clearly poses to your … Continue reading

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‘Gender Identity’ Bill Turns NH Women into Second Class Citizens

As early as next week, the “Gender Identity” bill, also known as the “Trans Bill” or “Bathroom Bill,” could be voted on by the Judiciary Committee in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Why New Hampshire’s Gender Identity Bill is Anti-Liberty

Concerned about personal liberty? Then you need to be concerned about House Bill 1319. There’s more to the gender identity bill than meets the eye. It interferes with private contract. | Read More at Cornerstone

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Beyond Bathrooms: Privacy and Gender Identity

The first public hearing on 2018’s “gender identity” bill for New Hampshire (HB 1319) will be at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31 in room 208 of the Legislative Office Building. Among the considerations facing policymakers are the privacy concerns … Continue reading

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Speakers Well-Received at Cornerstone’s Gender Identity Forum

The Cornerstone team was proud to welcome three exceptional people to New Hampshire in late November, each with a story and expertise relating to gender identity policies. Over the course of the week, hundreds of people came to hear them … Continue reading

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You’re Invited to a Candid Forum on Gender Identity

Thursday, November 30, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Executive Court, 1199 S. Mammoth Road, Manchester, New Hampshire As the New Hampshire legislature prepares to vote on several gender-identity related bills, Cornerstone welcomes three experts with valuable experience and insights. Stephanie Curry, … Continue reading

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School to student: Enough with the gender flip-flopping

Administrators at a Long Island high school forced a student to sign a contract barring her from changing her gender identity because she had switched it twice already, sources told The Post. More… | NY Post

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‘Transracialism’ Has Gender Ideologues at Each Others’ Throats

Dolezal defended the fact (which was not really a fact) that she was black by applying the cultural constructivist logic of gender ideology (that gender is dictated by culture—or even your own feelings, not biology) to the issue of race. … Continue reading

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Court: Civil Rights Law covers LGBT workplace Bias

A federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act also protects LGBT employees from workplace discrimination, the first time a federal appellate court has come to that conclusion. The decision by the 7th U.S. … Continue reading

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