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Coos County To Consider Assertion Of ‘Unpermitted’ Cog Road Up Mount Washington

The Coos County Commissioners plan to review an environmental group’s claim that the owner of the Cog Railway didn’t have the necessary permit to build a “road” to the top of the mountain that may be used to give tourists … Continue reading

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Feds Put a Boot on the Neck of a NH Planning Commission and I Don’t Think They Like It

Planning Commissions are not known for their concern about property rights, but here we have the Coos Commissioners wondering about the injustice of losing zoning authority over projects within the county developed on Federal Lands. | More… | GraniteGrok

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Coos County looks to update zoning rules

For the first time in three decades, zoning regulations for the unincorporated areas of Coos County are being comprehensively reviewed and updated, and by early summer, it is expected that residents will have a chance to comment. More… | NHBR

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