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Educational Opportunities Outside the Cookie Cutter School System

Not all kids learn the same, and parents and families need educational opportunities other than the “cookie cutter” school system we currently have. Dawn explains that the different personal choices we make in our daily lives should be reflected in … Continue reading

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Give Homeschoolers Fair Treatment

The House Children and Family Law Committee planned to continue the public hearing on HB 1650 re educational neglect on Tuesday, February 13th; however, because it did not appear in the House Calendar, it is rescheduled for Wednesday, February 21st, immediately before … Continue reading

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Hostile Homeschool Bill Confirmed

If a child does not meet those expectations a second consecutive year, the home education program is terminated and the child must be enrolled in a public, charter, or private school the next school year. This is a much higher … Continue reading

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NH Bill providing state money for private schools advances

CONCORD — A Senate-passed bill that would give parents state funding to send their children to private schools got a positive recommendation from a House subcommittee, in preparation for a full vote by the House Education Committee on Nov. 8. … Continue reading

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