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Putting NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley’s White Supremacist Remarks IN Context

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley’s remarks last weekend should leave a mark. Yes, a Party Spokesman claims they were taken out of context but that’s not going to cut it because the actual context was not only evident, other recent events make … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Seeks to Clarify Stance on Free Speech, Antifa Connection

The back-and-forth between Dartmouth faculty and College President Phil Hanlon continues over the school’s response to comments by Mark Bray. Bray is a faculty member and has been a prominent speaker on the Antifa movement since the clashes in Charlottesville. … Continue reading

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Antifa: Dartmouth stands behind censure

Dartmouth College is standing behind its statement that lecturer Mark Bray is “supporting violent protest” in comments made to the media about antifa, the far-left activist movement that has clashed with white supremacists in recent months. … Dartmouth President Philip … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Professors Show Support for Lecturer After Antifa Interviews

More than 100 faculty members at Dartmouth College have signed a letter to Philip J. Hanlon, its president, asking him to retract a statement that disavows comments by Mark Bray, a lecturer. Since this month’s deadly rally in Charlottesville, Va., Mr. Bray … Continue reading

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DartBlog: Controversy on Bray Antifa Comments

The Manchester Union Leader has issued an editorial supporting President Hanlon’s condemnation of Lecturer/GRID Visiting Scholar Mark Bray. Bray has been widely criticized for seemingly supporting the violent tactics of antifa groups: … In a rebuttal of the criticism of Bray, Professors of History Bethany Moreton, … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Professor Advocates Preemptive Violence by Left-Wing Thugs

Dartmouth College professor, Mark Bray was on Meet the Press where he advocated for preemptive violence by groups like AntiFA. … Bray, who is a visiting scholar at the Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID) has views so extreme that Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard … Continue reading

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