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Whereupon NH State Senator Jeff Woodburn does a double…

In a piece about banning bump stocks (SB 492-FN), the Senate Minority Leader shows two things; can you guess what they are from this snippet” |Read More at Granitegrok.com

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Why Hasn’t Jeff Woodburn Denounced Ray Buckley: Dem Chair Called his Constituents White Supremacists

Coos county New Hampshire is almost entirely rural and based on the 2016 Presidential election it is full of disaffected voters, the very people Chairman Buckley just called White Supremacists. Ray Buckley has already doubled down on the remark so when are elected … Continue reading

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Police Have to ‘Jeff Woodburn’ a Bear in Nashua

Nashua Police had to ‘Jeff Woodburn’ a bear Monday evening to save the North Country from the burden of another southern-tier forced wildlife refugee relocation. It’s the only sort of “refugee” the Democrat opposes. | More… | GraniteGrok

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Jeff Woodburn and the Three Bears

Jeff Woodburn is still bitching about the three bear cubs relocated from Hanover to the North Country. “I don’t appreciate the North Country being a dumping ground. We’re not collecting rabid skunks in the North Country and dumping them in … Continue reading

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Is Jeff Woodburn Writing a Bill to Give Bears Abortion rights?

  Democrat Jeff Woodburn is upset about Governor Sununu’s plea to save the family of bears in Hopkinton. Conservation officers had planned to shoot them, but now they’ll trap them and relocate them. Woodburn is miffed. I can imagine what’s going through … Continue reading

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Bill to Ban Russian Vodka in New Hampshire Liquor Stores is Defeated

Sen. Woodburn doing somebodies business. Legislators have defeated a bill that suggested suspending or banning Russian vodka in response to Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. Senators on Thursday rejected Democratic Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn’s bill, which would’ve set … Continue reading

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