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Black Lives Matter protesters shut down ACLU speaker at William & Mary

Students affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement crashed an event at the College of William & Mary, rushed the stage, and prevented the invited guest—the American Civil Liberties Union’s Claire Gastañaga, a W & M alum—from speaking. Ironically, Gastañaga … Continue reading

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BLM Handed the Microphone at a Pro-Trump Rally in DC – MSM Ignores It

A few days ago there was a rally in Washington DC. The Mother of All Rallies, billed as a pro-Trump event, attracted a lot of folks including a group from Black Lives Matter, which the organizer invited on stage as a … Continue reading

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Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley’s Hypocrisy On Extremism

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley doesn’t even have the decency to apologize for implying that thousands of likely New Hampshire voters are white supremacists. Instead, he has a spokesman spin his treachery to blame Republicans. | More… | GraniteGrok

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Denouncing the Denouncers

Everyone is lining up to denounce white supremacists so why not me. I denounce white supremacists. I also denounce black supremacists, Latino supremacists feminist supremacists, gay supremacists, and anti-fascist supremacists who are actually fascists using violence in pursuit of ideological supremacy. … Continue reading

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No Violence Reported at Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally

We might be right to suggest that they were there to exercise their constitutional right. To object to certain speech with their own speech. And I’m sure there were counter-protesters there who came for that reason. But I suspect that … Continue reading

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So is violence from the left acceptable?

Had there been no counter demonstration and media spotlight, a few hundred racists would have gathered in Charlottesville and had no impact on the national conversation. Instead, they were met by the ongoing violence of the Antifa and the hate … Continue reading

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