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When Will They Be Knocking “Racist” Statues Down in New Hampshire?

Defacing and vandalizing property is not new for the left so when the party of inclusive excellence gets to excluding bits of history they’ve decided is objectionable historical monuments beware. Civil war icons of the south and enablers of slavery are being pulled down–or in … Continue reading

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Eva Castillo-Sturgeon – A Venezuelan Talks About Venezuela

In one of several great segments from my stint guest-hosting Girard at Large this morning Eva Castillo-Sturgeon tells us about how Venezuela, which is her native country, has transitioned from the only thriving Democracy in South America to the crumbling socialist wreck it … Continue reading

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Guest Hosting Girard at Large – Monday Morning, 6-9 am ET

Tomorrow morning from 6-9 am Eastern Time I will be guest-hosting the Girard at Large Radio Program on 90.7 FM, WLMW. Susan Olsen and Bob Clegg are along for the ride with Guests Eva Castillo-Turgeon (The ins-and-outs of Immigration), Jim Kofalt and … Continue reading

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My Fight for Civics Education

Addressing the deplorable condition of civics and history education, the state approved SB 157 last June.  The law “requires students in high school or equivalent to take and pass a government and civics competency assessment as a component of instruction in the … Continue reading

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The New Media Militia on Girard at Large

Beginning tomorrow, July 31st, The New Media Militia will be a weekly segment on the Girard at Large radio program. We’ll discuss news, politics, and culture from the perspective of local New Media bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and more. Tune in … Continue reading

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Free Speech and Destructive Campaigning Tactics

Rich talked about Free Speech, speaking about CNN’s threats over an individual who posted a video that President Donald Trump retweeted.  He then shared his disapproval with political campaigns in Queen City that hurts the city’s image in order to remove the incumbent. | More… | Girard at Large

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Donna Green, Annie Collyer and the Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association

Guest hosts Donna Green, of the Timberlane Regional School Board, and Annie Collyer of the School District Governance Association of New Hampshire opened this morning’s show by talking about budgetary frustration in Sanborn, which lead to a discussion about the Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association. | More… | Girard at Large

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