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A list of Companies that Have Cut NRA Discounts After Parkland

The following companies caved to liberal pressure by blaming the NRA because the NRA is something the left can blame. Lord knows you can’t blame all those bits and pieces of government that failed. The state and federal safety net the … Continue reading

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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, here is the next tranche of LSRs/House bills submitted to the House of Representatives: Reminder: this list is for purposes of triage – quickly guesstimating which bills are bad or good based on whether their … Continue reading

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Procter and Gamble: Identity-Politics Pandering in New Ad Campaign

P&G’s “My Black Is Beautiful” campaign released a new video last week called, “The Talk.” It “depicts the inevitable conversations many Black parents have with their children about racial bias to prepare, protect and encourage them” across the decades. The … Continue reading

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