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New Hampshire Could Become the Ninth Income Tax-Free State

New Hampshire is often mislabeled as a state with no income tax, as it does not impose a state tax on income received from wages or salaries. But, the state does levy a tax on another form of income, interest … Continue reading

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Should delinquent taxpayers face 18 percent interest penalties?

During a recent discussion in the New Hampshire House, some representatives described homeowners who fall behind on property taxes largely as people who may be in a rough stretch due to unemployment, illness or age – but others saw those … Continue reading

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When a Tax is a Tax on Income

Advancing NH Public Education must hate seniors. At least that is what we can only surmise from their less than impressionable mention of Senator Andy Sanborn’s effective effort to reduce and eventually eradicate the NH state tax on interest and … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Senate advances bill that would eliminate tax on interest, dividends

New Hampshire is sometimes described as a state with no income tax and no sales tax, but it does collect a five percent tax on one form of income – interest and dividends. | Read more at NH Watchdog

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