Republicans Against Free Speech

NHGOP Woodshed

Taking them out to the Woodshed again…

Carolyn McKinney’s rebuttal to “some Republicans” pushing to remove the word ‘traditional’ as a qualifier to the word ‘marriage’ in the New Hampshire Republican State Platform is brilliant. It’s so good those Republicans don’t want you to read it. (If you have problems with the above link the piece is also cross-posted here.)

Somone or perhaps a few someones are flagging every effort to post this on Facebook as in violation of Facebook’s rules making it difficult to share.

We rarely if ever get that sort of online abuse from Democrats and we have plenty of things to say about their unconstitutional priorities and proclivities.

We get smeared and threatened and we double-down. Their evil clown puppets take to their keyboards and toss narratives at us and call us names and we don’t care.

It works the same way with progressives on the right.

More than just a few years ago I wrote a piece about Jennifer Horn that got my betters all frustrated. They used their “unaffiliated” NHGOPe mouth-piece to “embarrass” me, which I then used to (double) double-down.

We were already having way too much fun at their expense as a bought-and-paid-for propaganda mill, and at some point, someone snapped.

They figured out where I worked and sent a letter to the company president, trying to get me fired by quoting their own online remarks. Remarks almost no one else would have ready because no one was reading them but us so we could make fun of them.

My bosses boss called me to ask what was up. I explained. He pulled a Hill Street Blues and said ‘be careful out there.’  That was about six years ago give or take.

I didn’t forget (because it was kind of amusing) and I have a very good idea who was behind it, but that matters less than that it was the ruling class establishment Republican faction running the State Party. They wanted what they wanted and my job, my wife, and my three kids were just casualties in the way of their political aspirations.

A few of the names have changed since then but the priorities are the same, and at least one of those priorities is bowing to progressive pressure politics and using those same pressure politics to defend all that bowing.

Move the Overton Window Left. Advance the liberal state and the Democrat agenda.

They never stopped and they never will. And neither will I. And not just because they are so bad at it that it is easy to go right back after them. (Maybe we have more resources?)

I will continue to work (at my hobby) in opposition to their progressive machinations because they are no different from those that took over the Democrat party and drove it to Marxsville.

Republicans are trying to plant a centrist crop in hopes of growing more support, but there is no middle in the world lead by the Left.

These are the same ‘alt-right’ luminaries expanding Medicaid, pushing medical family leave, and supporting all manner of progressive priorities including removing ‘Traditional’ from Marriage.

And when you put it that way it works.

The real ‘alt-right’ is historically just a few political dance steps to the left of the socialists calling them the alt-right. The difference between pistachio and pistachio with nuts, if you take my meaning. So, they are the alt-left as in an alternative to the far left, or more like the near left which is still not the middle they think it is.

And when they can’t refute an argument, like the left, their first inclination is to silence their “political” opponents.

Just like our liberal friends.

Delegates to the Republican State Party Convention. Actors within or connected to your party leaders are trying to silence debate on the issue of marriage in the party platform. If you let them win they have not just given the Democrats a tremendous cultural victory they have been rewarded for doing it.

Silencing speech and debate gives them what they want.

Don’t let that happen.

Share Carolyn’s excellent defense of Traditional Marriage. Email it. Link it to other social media platforms. Talk to each other about it. Copy and paste it anywhere you can. And ask your voting delegates to the Republican State Party to keep Traditional Marriage in our platform for all the reasons Carolyn outlines and because we cannot reward speech suppression as a means of silencing debate.

And yes, they will probably deny it. But this isn’t the first time and baby it won’t be the last.

A thought about Unity and the Party Platform.

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