Sununu: Can’t Support HB628 (Family Medical Leave Bill) “As Written” – But I Want More

HB628 killing the NH AdvantageGovernor Chris Sununu has informed the State Senate Finance Committee looking at HB628 that as written he won’t support it.

“I cannot support HB 628 until a comprehensive actuarial analysis is conducted,” …

That’s not a rejection of the idea of a state mandate but niggling over details. A point he affirms later in the same reporting.

“A paid family and medical leave insurance program makes a promise to its participants – a promise of stability and certainty in their time of need,” the governor wrote. “It is critical that as we design New Hampshire’s program, we must be sure we can keep that promise to those who would rely on it.”

So, find a way to pay for it, according to the Concord Monitor.

While I am pleased with the immediate victory, this may provide (kill the bill) that statement is not reassuring as I’d like. A better statement from the Governor would have included things like, “make it easier for the free market to address the actual need.” Or, “allow job creators to use tools like paid family medical leave to compete for hires.”

We didn’t get any of that.

We did get some positive context on the ridiculous, awful, horrible, so-called opt-out provision.

In his letter, Sununu singled out one particular provision that has proven contentious: the opt-out mechanism. Under the present program, all private-sector employees would be automatically enrolled in the program, and they can only opt out with a notarized letter once a year.

Sununu said those rules are too onerous and could trap unaware participants into the program even if they don’t want it.

“It is not in our ‘Live Free or Die’ nature to force citizens to pay for a service they do not want,” he wrote.

But it’s OK to make us fund planned parenthood, Medicaid expansion for able-bodied individuals (in a job market that is starving for workers), and an increasingly socialist/Marxist state university system that propagandizes and indoctrinates our kids? That’s the short list.

Any chance we could get a sliver of consistency here?

If it’s not OK why do we keep doing it?

Why do REPUBLICANS keep doing it? (I know why Democrats do it.)

The opt-out process alone should have killed this thing months ago in a majority Republican House. But Republicans kept this Obamacare mini-me health care mandate alive. Repeatedly. And under pressure from Republican leadership if the rumors are true.

Is life too short to have to waste it treating Republicans like Democrats because they can’t just follow their own damn frikkin party platform? Apparently not. (Hello Marsy’s Law.)

Yes, the opt-out was awful. Yes, the mysterious funding was awful. Yes, and on and on. Ths bill is loaded with awful. But there is a solution. The marketplace will address any actual shortcomings in a more cost-effective and meaningful way than a bunch of legislators pressured by party leaders on both sides with healthcare cartel lobbyists whispering in their ears.

Or maybe I’ll put it this way.

The Democrat solution is for the state to grab control of it quality, funding, or access be damned and never let go. (Doubly-so because it creates a broad-based taxing authority.)

The Republican solution should be “what can we do to get the State out of the way” and make it easier for a competitive free market to find and address real needs for insurers, caregivers, families, employees or employers (on this or any issue)?

We have a Republican majority legislature, Executive Council, and Governor so why are we even talking about HB628? Why aren’t we talking about how the state can and should get the hell out of the way and let their citizens solve this for themselves?

Those “Republicans” are not all Republicans, are they?

So, if it “It is not in our ‘Live Free or Die’ nature to force citizens to pay for a service they do not want,” why the hell aren’t we explaining that to these Republicans of convenience (every day)? And doing our best to educate them on the priorities of their party platform and the limitations placed on lawmakers by the State and Federal Constitution?

Lack of leadership?

Or is the problem, “leadership of convenience?”

While I appreciate the statement opposing HB628, I’d appreciate it more if it had a little conviction. If it was derived from principle instead of pablum.

And I’m not calling “it” until it’s actually dead. Not that any progressive bucket-list item ever dies in the Live Free or Die State.

H/T Sarah Chamberlain

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