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A Change of Plans…

The New Media Militia mission is to share local content without exposition. Excerpt – link – done! It’s a lot more work than you might imagine, and after nearly a year of doing it every day, I need that time … Continue reading

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“Just here to do my job,” says First Amendment foe (Security, cops)

| RidleyReport

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Henniker’s Master Plan… a blueprint for the Official Budget Committee.

Henniker’s Master Plan calls for encouraging public involvement, participation and input on the various Town Departments. Thus Henniker needs more active committees. The Master Plan’s goal is to ensure that all community services and facilities meet the current and anticipated needs of the … Continue reading

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Donna Green: Still Waiting…

On March 13, 2018 (9:43 am), I sent this Right to Know request to the Timberlane Regional School District Chairman and SAU 55’s executive assistant. I don’t take kindly to being threatened. | Keep Reading at timberlaneandsandown

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NH State Rep Sherry Frost – what, she thinks she’s now the Sandra Fluke of knees?

Of COURSE you must remember Sandra Fluke – we wrote about her often enough (Steve: ‘Sandra ““I can’t afford my own 9$/month birth control pills” Fluke) who turned the word “access” (it is available and I can buy it) into … Continue reading

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NH Senate votes to expand net metering to larger users

Thus far, net metering – the method that credits renewable energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid – has mainly been for homeowners, but the NH Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would allow larger businesses … Continue reading

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Well Informed Electorate is Critical for Democracy

In 1974 I took a Right to Know suit against the Raymond School Board for going into a non-public about my request.  Later I read RSA 91-A 3,II-c, which clearly stated the elected board could only go into Non public … Continue reading

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Student Walk-Out: What’s Not Being Said

Student Walk-outs from School took place all across the nation. Watching the Lame Stream Media, one would think this was an epic effort. Well, It was. This wasn’t an individual effort reflecting student’s voices. No, this was an event organized … Continue reading

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Advancing regulatory reforms takes center stage during New Hampshire legislature’s 2nd session

New Hampshire’s governor and state legislators are on a drive to reform business regulations in a bid to reduce regulatory burdens and boost local economies while at the same time holding the line on fiscal responsibility. | Keep Reading at … Continue reading

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Contentious Commas, at Length

Of all the heated topics that arose at this year’s Town Meeting, the one that entertained me most was the question of commas — a perennial subject of discussion among editors, grammarians, and language enthusiasts through the ages. Max amended … Continue reading

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