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New Hampshire Could Become the Ninth Income Tax-Free State

New Hampshire is often mislabeled as a state with no income tax, as it does not impose a state tax on income received from wages or salaries. But, the state does levy a tax on another form of income, interest … Continue reading

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How Public Bodies Obstruct​​ your Right to Know

​David Maudsley wanted to know how much two legal cases cost the taxpayers in SAU 55.  He never found out. He got some partial information after the exchange of many emails and a two-month wait. Here is his charming cry … Continue reading

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Republicans in the NH Senate Who Expanded “Expanded Medicaid”

On Saturday I referenced the passage of expanded Medicaid out of the State Senate. The new Bradley-Care Bill, SB313, complete with a new and improved five-year plan (instead of two, cue the Soviet national anthem) got the yeah votes of every … Continue reading

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Keene: College security says I’m required to answer questions

I question some government officials on camera as they enter the “College / City Commission” meeting at Keene State College. The meeting is public, but one of the participants tells the others she’s going to call security. As long as … Continue reading

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Example Violation of Compelled Speech in Newbury NH

Here is a perfect example of compelled speech captured in Newbury this year. Town return address, and no signature on a political advertisement. It asks voters to support an issue (or candidate) at Town expense. | More at CNHT

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Sunshine always Right

Open government is not a political platform. It is a basic American right. The political landscape is more polarized than ever and there seems to be little common ground for conservatives and progressives. Transparency — keeping the light on the … Continue reading

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School Choice for NH: Schedule for Week of March 12, 2018

The only significant bill this week is SB 193, the Education Savings Account bill. House Finance will hold an executive session on Wednesday, March 14th when they will vote on their proposed amendment. They are holding a final work session the previous … Continue reading

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