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What if I’m Wrong About Everything?

What if I’m wrong about everything I know about life and about God and the Bible? … If it is not true, millions of people have shared an experience that cannot be fully explained by natural means. We have felt … Continue reading

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Thomas Sowell Has The Right Of It

As Thomas Sowell has stated, Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. Unfortunately for us, that is all too true. Think … Continue reading

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Charming Keene official invites me to public meeting, right before I get ejected

‘ Ian Freeman of FreeKeeene.com reports that “Upon visiting with one of the college directors in his office…I was told that not even KSC students may hand out fliers on campus!” He’s referring to Keene State College, but the reported … Continue reading

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‘Mistakes Are Made’

I’m about ready to propose a new law urging all elected officials to dispense with the phrases “mistakes are made” and “mistakes were made.” At the 2PM meeting Friday at the Town Office, to discuss the current mess over the … Continue reading

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Minor earthquake shakes central New Hampshire

New Hampshire has been shaken by a 2.4-magnitude earthquake in the central part of the state. The United States Geological Survey says the earthquake was centered northeast of the village of Contoocook, in the town of Hopkinton. It struck just … Continue reading

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Fight Nice Boys

I have an issue I didn’t have time to write about when it happened. It is still a nice look into NH’s Deep State. This August 20, 2017, there appeared an op-ed in the Concord paper from David Scanlon of … Continue reading

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