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The Irony of Liz Warren’s Refusal to Take a DNA Test to Prove her ‘Heritage’

Sen. Warren will not be taking any DNA tests to prove she has even one drop of Cherokee blood in her because, “That’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our mom and our dad, from our grandparents,” … Continue reading

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How much is Open Government Worth to You?

Last Year HB 178 passed which established a 13 member commission to study alternative processes to resolve right-to-know complaints … fter several months of meetings, the 13 member Study Commission found that citizens need a grievance resolution process which is easier, cheaper, … Continue reading

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American Civil War Part II

Kurt Schlichter has a very engaging piece up at Townhall.com in which he takes on the question of a second civil war between Democrats and normal Americans. Democrats lost the first one, and Schlichter contends that were there to be another, and he … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Senate kills vehicle registration fees expansion measure

A bill that would’ve given Concord that power was recently defeated in the state Senate on a party line vote, 14-10. Republican senators criticized the bill as an unnecessary attempt to raise the cost of living for the capital city’s … Continue reading

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