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Call to Action: Votes Coming for Bills on Gender, Pro-Life, Parents’ Rights

he New Hampshire House will vote on more than 300 bills the week of March 5. These will include gender identity (HB 1319), barring gender reassignment for minors (HB 1532), and barring taxpayer funding of gender reassignment procedures (HB 1560). … Continue reading

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One Thing All School Shooters Have in Common

“Everyone is talking about guns and security, but no one wants to talk about THIS, except Warren Farrell, Ph.D.” The one thing all school shooters have in common…watch it. |More…

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Policy experts differ on significance of New Hampshire’s 3rd highest property tax rates

Since New Hampshire doesn’t impose income and sales taxes, it’s not surprising that the state has among the highest property tax rates in the nation. What might be surprising is exactly how high the Granite State ranks – third highest, … Continue reading

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Vote for Taxpayers; Pass CACR 15

Tell your Legislators to Vote for CACR 15 to Reinstate Taxpayer Standing! CACR 15 proposes a Constitutional amendment enabling taxpayers to bring judgments against the government. CACR 15 is scheduled to come before the New Hampshire House next week, March … Continue reading

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