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Donna Green: My Certified Letter to TRSD Auditor

During tonight’s school board meeting, Chairman Boyle pretended he knew nothing of my complaint to the Timberlane auditors. In fact, every board member knew of my letter to the auditor.  They just chose to do nothing about it and shame on … Continue reading

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New Hampshire’s New Minister of Happy Meals

Skip Murphy joins me to discuss HB 1668, the soda ban bill that empowers the nanny state to micro-manage yet another aspect our existence. What beverage restaurants can allow parents to order with kids meals? | More at GraniteGrok.com

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Let’s Not Move N.H. Toward Assisted Suicide

Senate Bill 490’s title indicates it’s about studying end-of-life issues, but the sponsor’s recent Senate testimony told a different tale. Cornerstone Action’s executive director Shannon McGinley explains the organization’s opposition to the bill. |Keep Reading at Cornerstone

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Earthquake Hits Sandown Twice: Once by nature, once by politics

This morning a 2.7 magnitude earthquake hit Sandown.  I ran to my window thinking the oil delivery truck I was expecting had flipped over and exploded near my house. As exciting as that was, it didn’t compare to the explosive … Continue reading

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Gov. Sununu touts regulatory reform, school choice during New Hampshire state of state address

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu hailed 2017 as a year of great promise in the state while vowing to double down on the policies that he says led to those gains. Sununu looked back and forward during his first State … Continue reading

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Meet Super-enfranchised Keene Student Voter Lily M. Dawson

Lily M. Dawson of 5 Mohawk Drive, Clinton, Ct. 06413-2012 has some surprises for our informal New Hampshire jury of legally registered voters. Are you ready ladies and gentlemen of the jury? | More at Granitegrok.com

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