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… Some get stuck in the pride of the job in a good way, always striving to be attentive to the people they represent, but others in a bad way, so puffed up in their own minds that they cannot … Continue reading

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Clean that Cannon, Claudette

I mentioned in the last piece the jeweler whose daily carry pistol was so dirty it wouldn’t fire. So, let’s talk about cleaning. (Nooooooo!) A firearm is a tool, a relatively simple machine, that should be maintained so as not … Continue reading

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A Really Righteous Russian “Tampering” Round-up

Mike Rogers shares some thoughts from the left-coast that turn into a recap of the Russia, Russia, Russia Story to date from front to back, or maybe back to front. Memos, dossiers, indictments, Uranium deals, and a lot more. Mike … Continue reading

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New Hampshire lawmakers consider death benefits for teachers

A bill advancing in the New Hampshire House that would provide a death benefit for teachers killed while at work gained new resonance when a mass murder at a Florida school claimed the lives of 17 people. The bill, HB1415, … Continue reading

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Lakes Region Porcupines: March Jury Outreach

We will be handing out juror rights flyers to potential jurors in March and April. Dates for the March 2018 jury pool; March 19, April 2, and April 16.  We will start at 8:30 and likely cross the street for a coffee at 9:00. … Continue reading

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Metzler is Subject to the Will of the Timberlane Board, but Neither He nor the Board Knows It.

Recently I was perusing the Education Administrative Rules and discovered a gem. Contrary to Superintendent Metzler’s many declarations to the contrary, he is indeed subject to the will of the Timberlane school board. Education Administrative Rule 302.01 says this: |Keep … Continue reading

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Is Jeanne Shaheen Really Bothered by Foreigners Involved in Our Elections?

Suddenly, we are supposed to be concerned about Russian computer trolls and Russian dirty tricksters exhibiting a fake Hillary in a fake cage dressed like a prisoner, which are actions we are supposed to believe swayed an entire election, let alone … Continue reading

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Medical Conscience Rights: Cornerstone Supports HB 1787-FN

On Tuesday, February 20, at 10:00 a.m., a House committee will consider HB 1787-FN. This bill would prohibit discrimination against health care providers who object on religious, moral, or ethical grounds to participating in providing or facilitating abortion, artificial contraception, or … Continue reading

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Windham School Board – its Transgender Bathroom policy really isn’t official?

“…what I am hearing is that the School Board has broken its own rules, violated its own policies, run roughshod over the process – and is getting ready to throw the only Conservative on the Board under the bus.  Simply … Continue reading

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