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New Hampshire lawmakers consider death benefits for teachers

A bill advancing in the New Hampshire House that would provide a death benefit for teachers killed while at work gained new resonance when a mass murder at a Florida school claimed the lives of 17 people. The bill, HB1415, … Continue reading

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Nashua Teachers’ Union Plans Actions In Contract Dispute

The Nashua Teachers’ Union says teachers might cut back on their responsibilities if the Board of Education doesn’t come to a contract agreement this week. Teachers started the new school year without a contract. Union president Adam Marcoux says the board … Continue reading

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Goodbye Teachers, Hello Computers: Thank Common Core And ESSA

Back in 2010 when the New Hampshire State Board of Education adopted Common Core, I warned that this was a set up for failure.  Not only would Common Core dumb down our public schools, we’d see other negative changes, including … Continue reading

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The Restriction of Teachers and Discussing Unions

Rich displayed his discontent over the teachers’ inability to do what they need to do in the classroom, as discussed in a previous discussion with Katie Howe.  He tackled testing, reminding the listeners about Kelley Tambouris’ past involvement on the show, and took a call … Continue reading

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These Teachers Are Learning Gun Skills To Protect Students, They Say

Will arming teachers make schools safer? While that debate continues across the country, this week more than a dozen school employees from around Colorado spent three days learning advanced gun skills at a shooting range outside of Denver. “I don’t … Continue reading

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