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Local Democrat Refers to Republicans in Neighboring Town as the Taliban

The party of civility strikes again, and while this may not be as crass as expressing opportunistic glee at the death of a Republican, it fits the pattern of ingrained hostility that truly defines them as a party. Tuftonboro selectman Chip Albee, a registered … Continue reading

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Gun Rights at Risk?

Susan Olsen joins me to discuss the rights of municipalities in a Dillon’s Rule State and the ramifications of recent legislation that could put gun owners at risk. | More at GraniteGrok.com

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House Republicans Responsible for Advancing a NH Income Tax Again!

  HB 628, which has a tax on income built into it, passed yet another hurdle today when 28 Republicans voted in favor of taxing your income. No need to get into the issues with the bill again for the … Continue reading

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Some see lower-cost energy as essential to New Hampshire’s economic future

Some New Hampshire businesses and lawmakers see expansion of natural gas pipelines as key to firing up economic growth, but others familiar with the state’s energy history warn that the idea is no panacea for the business climate. | Keep … Continue reading

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Level the Playing Field for Homeschoolers

The House Children and Family Law Committee recently held a public hearing on HB 1650, a bill that removes education-only investigations from the purview of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to the responsibility of the state Department … Continue reading

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Lawsuit may backfire on Powerball winner who wants to remain anonymous

A woman who won a half-billion-dollar Powerball is suing the New Hampshire Lottery Commission because she wants to remain anonymous, but at least one prominent lawyer who has represented past big winners says the suit could backfire on her. | … Continue reading

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Applying for ESAs

New Hampshire is close to making Education Savings Accounts a reality. These are funds that children receive to designated accounts for specified educational purposes as directed by their families.  | Keep Reading at School Choice for NH

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New Hampshire may make trespassing chickens an offence for their owner

In one of those classic “only in America” moves that is sure to ruffle some feathers, a US state is considering a Bill that would make trespassing chickens an offense for their owners. Under the proposal, before the New Hampshire … Continue reading

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