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Serving The People to the End: RIP Sen. Sam Cataldo

Many citizens of NH were saddened to hear of the sudden and tragic death, yesterday, of former State Senator Sam Cataldo in an auto accident, on his way to a School Board meeting in his home town of Farmington, NH. … Continue reading

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When Are They No Longer Republicans?

The Republican party in New Hampshire has a problem about which its hands are tied, but you can help. Within its ranks are individuals who have registered and run under their brand but either refuse or are incapable of living up … Continue reading

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Catching Up: Marching for Life in D.C. as Roe Turns 45

If you’ve had your fill of March for Life coverage, my apologies for this post (and please tell me where you’re getting your news). The first March for Life in Washington was 44 years ago, one year after the Roe v. … Continue reading

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Therapy Ban is back… AGAIN

Biology-deniers in the New Hampshire House have moved for “reconsideration” of HB 587. If the House votes “yes” on reconsideration, a vote to pass this bill could follow immediately. This dangerous bill would criminalize any discussion between your child and a licensed therapist that … Continue reading

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