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Our Message on “Gender Identity,” HB 1319: Biology Isn’t Bigotry

The supporters of HB 1319 mean business. They want you to believe that not all Granite Staters are covered under anti-discrimination protections. They seek special rights based on “gender identity.” They deny the threats the bill clearly poses to your … Continue reading

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AG: NH School Gun Bans Unlawful

The issue is whether local officials and more specifically local school officials can establish rules (in this case prohibiting firearms on school grounds) where the State Law does not grant them such authority. The obvious answer should be no. | … Continue reading

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‘Gender Identity’ Bill Turns NH Women into Second Class Citizens

As early as next week, the “Gender Identity” bill, also known as the “Trans Bill” or “Bathroom Bill,” could be voted on by the Judiciary Committee in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on … Continue reading

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Tales from the BudComm – Fred, please remember you were part of the problem you are bellyaching about

OK, Fred Butler has another LtE in the local paper and, of course, he is off-point.  Not only off-point in the way that our own inimitable commenter Timothy (factual but of no real relevance in his own special Progressive way) … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Crowd Says “Yes” to Protecting Viable Preborn Children

A bill to provide protection for viable preborn children brought a crowd of supporters to Concord to urge House legislators to do the right thing. Cornerstone’s Shannon McGinley and Gabrielle Jette were at the January 31 hearing on HB 1680, … Continue reading

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Hundred Nights Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin & Ether!

The same year Bitcoin was released by its anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Keene’s privately-run cold weather shelter and drop-in center, Hundred Nights, was also launched. I reported at the time on founder Don Primrose‘s courageous civil disobedience of opening without the permission slips from the local … Continue reading

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Bounty on groundhogs predates holiday in New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Four years before a celebrated groundhog began predicting the weather in Pennsylvania, a committee of New Hampshire lawmakers deemed the species “not only a nuisance, but also a bore” and recommended eradicating it from the state. … Continue reading

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