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Relatives, come work at Timberlane!

For those who have ever been passed over in favor of a boss’ child, spouse or lover, you know how corrosive nepotism is to morale, and Dr. Metzler’s favorite expression, “The climate and culture of Timberlane.”  Yes, we all know … Continue reading

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Community Rights Amendment

An amendment to the New Hampshire constitution is currently being considered (Feb. 2018).  CACR 19 titled ‘Right of Local Community Self-Government’ is offered as a local control amendment.  Let’s take a look at this thing. You will notice that this is composed … Continue reading

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Donna Green: Are Smart Phones Destabilizing Our Children?

Graphic violence in video games, movies and television has often been blamed for the rise in mass shootings by young people.  I think the appetite for horrible violence cultivates a sickness of the soul similar to the appetite for pornography.  … Continue reading

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Protect Schools or You’re Choosing to Let Children be Killed

After horrible shootings like at Parkland, it’s understandable that people might cast about thoughtlessly blaming people and demanding quick “solutions.”  Unfortunatel, leftist solutions so loudly and immediately promoted as “common sense” gun controls wouldn’t have prevented or stopped these attacks, and leftists … Continue reading

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A Great Day at the New Hampshire House

Thursday 2-22-2018 was a great day at the NH State House. One year ago today Constitutional Carry was signed by Governor Chris Sununu. That is me hugging the Governor.  If Gramma is late on her property taxes her interest reduction bill … Continue reading

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Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Voting Recommendations

Pam Brown, School Board member, is recommended by NKTA for re-election. Here is some of what she has done and stands for. To Voters of Newton: Re-elect Pam Brown to Sanborn School Board from the Carriage Towne News I have … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Senate advances bill that would eliminate tax on interest, dividends

New Hampshire is sometimes described as a state with no income tax and no sales tax, but it does collect a five percent tax on one form of income – interest and dividends. | Read more at NH Watchdog

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