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A Great Day at the New Hampshire House

Thursday 2-22-2018 was a great day at the NH State House. One year ago today Constitutional Carry was signed by Governor Chris Sununu. That is me hugging the Governor.  If Gramma is late on her property taxes her interest reduction bill … Continue reading

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CNHT Picnic: John Burt on NH Politics, DC Politics, and More…

House Rep. John Burt talks about the media, constitutional carry, what a waste of space Washington DC is, and his next run for public office. Should he run for Congress, challenge Democrat Lou D’Allesandro for the NH State Senate, or … Continue reading

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Should John Burt Run Against Lou D’Allesandro?

New Hampshire House Representative John Burt is thinking about running for the New Hampshire Senate. He’d be running against Democrat Lou ‘Millenial Gaming’ D’Allesandro. He just stepped down from the podium at the CNHT Picnic. He’s also thinking about staying … Continue reading

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Dem women in NH House hate helpless animals as much as unborn babies

Apparently, the faux feminists in the New Hampshire House of Representatives hate helpless animals as much as they hate unborn babies. After the vote on Senate Bill 66 (SB 66), a fetal homicide bill that seeks to provide justice for … Continue reading

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NH House to reconsider ‘fetal homicide bill’

CONCORD — In a move that surprised many Democrats, the House Criminal Justice Committee has done an about-face on Senate Bill 66, the so-called “fetal homicide bill.” Having voted 20-1 to retain the bill on May 9, the committee was … Continue reading

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The Kindergarten Bill, Hot Dog Day and the Gambling Bill

Rich talked to State Representatives Victoria Sullivan and John Burt for the Under the Golden Dome segment. State Rep Sullivan began the segment by speaking about the kindergarten bill, sharing about the original intent of kindergarten, the fate of her … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Politics with John Burt – The Budget

Rep Hoell and Rep Burt talk about why the House of Representatives did not pass a State Budget for the first time in history. We talked about the Senate and what part the House will play in making a State … Continue reading

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John Burt, Victoria Sullivan, The Freedom Caucus, and the Budget Process

State Representatives John Burt and Victoria Sullivan started the Under the Golden Dome segment by talking about the three budget bills that recently passed in the House, while sharing about the budget process. They pointed out how the Freedom Caucus … Continue reading

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