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These 21 New Hampshire House Republicans Don’t Just Want an Income Tax, They Saved It.

The Commerce Committee report on HB 628 was inexpedient to Legislate. Kill the bill, they said. We don’t want to add dozens of bureaucrats and a mechanism to tax income in New Hampshire. But the 21 Republicans pictured above voted against the … Continue reading

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N.H. House Passes Bill to Muzzle Therapists; It’s Time for Messages to Senate & Governor

The therapy ban has passed the New Hampshire House. Next stop: the Senate. The House passed HB 587 by a vote of 179-171 on February 8. See below for details of the vote. The measure seeks to prohibit licensed mental health professionals … Continue reading

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Steve Negron Has Decisive Victory in Hopkinton GOP Straw Poll

The Negron campaign has a press release regarding Republican Congressional Candidate Steve Negron’s Straw poll victory last night in Hopkinton. A new or newly reorganized town committee in Hopkinton had “GOP” candidates or their representatives by (for the Republican Primary to challenge … Continue reading

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Watch your gutless elected representatives in action

Funny how a short meeting can do irreparable harm. Watch your gutless elected representatives in action last night in this 24-minute recording. Of particular interest are Jason Grosky’s comments on Mr. Boyle’s desire to hide behind non-public discussion.  A non-public … Continue reading

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Democrat Dick Devens shows his ignorance on the Electoral College

So, because Dick Devens hasn’t understood, can’t understand, and seemingly never will, he wants to change a vital part of our Representative Republic to take away yet another Check and Balance that was DESIGNED to have checks and balances. |More … Continue reading

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Hampton’s push for more revenue stalls in NH House

CONCORD — A number of House bills intended to help Hampton were effectively killed in committee votes, which one selectman said reaffirms the need for the town to file suit against the state. Bills to bring more rooms and meals … Continue reading

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Sponsor Testifies Her “End of Life” Study Bill is About “Medically Assisted Death”

At the February 8 Senate Health and Human Services committee hearing introducing SB 490, Sen. Martha Hennessey (D-Hanover) spoke in praise of what she called “medically assisted death.” With that, she confirmed that her bill “establishing a commission to study … Continue reading

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Donna Green Resigns From Timberlane School Board…

The following is Donna Green’s statement following her resignation from the Timberlane Regional School Board on Thursday night, Feb. 8. after a meeting in which the board failed to rescind the no trespass order against Maxann Dobson, Timberlane school board … Continue reading

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