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Schiff out of Luck

Long before Donald Trump ran into Adam Schiff, he outclassed another phony, a so-called comedian, posing as a rapper. Trump agreed to sit through an interview with the fake rapper. It did not go well for the guy who thought … Continue reading

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Jack Widmer Misleads on Glenn Cordelli

Speaking on Saturday, Tuftonboro Treasurer Jack Widmer misleadingly stated that state representative Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro) had co-sponsored a bill that would have raised the school tax rate in Tuftonboro. |More at Tuftonboro.net

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Even Sasquatch Leaves Tracks

I was at the US Civil Rights Commission hearing in Raleigh, North Carolina recently and sat through hours of testimony, by what amounted to race hustlers spinning tales of minority disenfranchisement. The hallway outside the hearing was my “safe space” … Continue reading

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School Choice for NH: Schedule for Week of February 12, 2018

Only one school choice bill has a public hearing continued this week; the rest are awaiting amendments and executive sessions. The pause allows us to advocate for our bills while committees deliberate and handle other business. Below is the upcoming … Continue reading

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NH Rep Sean Morrison angling for a RINO of the Week award

I guess that NH Rep Sean Morrison never learned about the Theory of Holes. Steve first mentioned him in his post on voting for HB628, Paid Family Leave, HB628, whereby he believes that Government has the right to crowd out the … Continue reading

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SB 490: “A Thinly Veiled Effort to Study Assisted Suicide”

Nancy Elliott wasted no time sending a message to the New Hampshire Senate committee considering SB 490, the “end of life” study bill. The bill’s sponsor made her assisted suicide advocacy clear in her own testimony, if not in her bill.  … Continue reading

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Timberlane Tax: Sandown +10%; Other Towns Catch a Break

Here’s an astonishing political fact.  For three towns in the Timberlane district, the 2018-2019 budget is easily digestible while Sandown is taking an enormous blow.  Whether the towns choose the default budget (near flat-line) or a $1 million higher operating … Continue reading

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Conscience Rights, Coerced abortion, and a Late-Term Abortion Ban Bill

Ellen Kolb joins me to discuss the upcoming 40-Days for Life and pro-life legislation including, Rep. Keith Murphy’s late-term abortion ban, Rep. Kurt Wuelper’s bill to ban coerced abortion, and Kathy Souza’s bill to protect medical conscience rights. | More … Continue reading

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