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HB 1344 – Time for Collective Bargaining Negotiations to (be) Public

HB 1344 will eliminate the exemption for collective bargaining negotiations and require that all collective bargaining negotiations be done in a public session. Below is a guest editorial by Donna Green of Sandown NH, a member of RTKNH. Salaries and benefits … Continue reading

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Manifest Educational Hardship is Needed Relief

The House Education Committee recently held a public hearing on HB 1492, a bill that would respect families’ input and expand school boards’ options regarding Manifest Educational Hardship (MEH). It is already in statute (RSA 193:3) and often used by school … Continue reading

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And then there are other kinds of trolls. Like Donna Sawyer from Windham

Like Al Letizio and Dennis Senibaldi, here comes this MIT alum (or so says her email address). Out of the blue, I get this email from her (reformatted, emphasis mine): From: “Donna Sawyer” <dls@alum.mit.edu> To: skip@granitegrok.com; steve@granitegrok.com Cc: “Donna Sawyer” <dls@alum.mit.edu> … Continue reading

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More Flaws In HB 628 – The Program is Built to Fail, or Was That the Point?

I met with Richard Lavers (Department of Employment Security) briefly on Wednesday of this week to discuss the spreadsheets he handed out at the Commerce Committee hearing on January 16th (I am currently awaiting further updates). | Keep Reading at … Continue reading

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Super-enfranchised Voters Have More Rights Than Legal NH Voters

I was invited to North Carolina to attend a US Commission on Civil Rights hearing by Jay DeLancy of the Voter Integrity Project, a group CNHT has been associated with for quite some time. I had three minutes, as one of 40 speakers … Continue reading

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I hate Trolls. I hate having to spend time on them. So, I won’t

As many of you know, we’ve been having a number of trolls coming in lately.  Now, I have no problem with those that disagree with me or other Groksters but it is clear that’s not why they are here. For years, … Continue reading

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