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More Flaws In HB 628 – The Program is Built to Fail, or Was That the Point?

I met with Richard Lavers (Department of Employment Security) briefly on Wednesday of this week to discuss the spreadsheets he handed out at the Commerce Committee hearing on January 16th (I am currently awaiting further updates). | Keep Reading at … Continue reading

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HB 628: You Can Opt-In (to Pay the Tax) Any Time You Like (But if You Didn’t Opt-Out) You Can Never Leave

Currently, HB 628 sits in the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee. This bill claims to be a government-run Family and Medical Leave insurance bill, but it is actually an income tax bill. The bill places a 0.5% tax on income for … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Is New Hampshire Ready For Another Unsustainable Social Experiment?

HB628 (Family Medical Leave Insurance) would implement a bureaucratic social scheme above and beyond the federal program that already exists. There are four main points to consider… | Keep Reading at LibertyBlock.com

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Family Leave Bill is Tax on Income (HB 628)

Recently HB 628 passed the NH House. It claims to be a Family Leave bill, but it is a tax on income. It requires employers to withhold .5% of employees’ wages. Naturally, it excludes government employees. It has an opt-out provision, for … Continue reading

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HB 628: NH RINOS help NH Dems institute another Progressive Social program

This would be the Paid Family Leave Act – … The vote was 183 YEAS to 151 NAYS – with 33 RINOS voting with the Dems to put this on the back of the private sector.  Sure, there were the usual suspects … Continue reading

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