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The History of the Second Amendment, how Homicide Rates are Skewed, and the Solution to School Shootings

Hi, Washington Post! It’s time for another round of my favorite game, “You Know Goddamn Nothing About History!” In this edition, I will deconstruct that silly article, point by point. Hop on and enjoy me smothering ignorant propaganda with factual truth. | … Continue reading

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NH State Income Tax Imminent & Soda Ban On The Horizon

The Statists of the Month for February are the 186 NH representatives who voted to create a state income tax on Thursday, Feb. 8th. Every Democrat present voted in favor of HB628 which creates a 0.67% income tax. 21 Republican representatives voted in favor … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun SB492 Survives First Committee Hearing

Being a law, this would naturally only prohibit those who were to obey it. Laws are not magical spells that could abolish items that are constructed from pure evil like bump stocks are. Those who are determined to kill a … Continue reading

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North Country Politicians Seek to Increase Home-School Regulation

Parents in New Hampshire who do not trust the government to educate their children often choose to educate their children themselves. Currently, the only requirement for home schooling one’s child in New Hampshire is to inform your child’s school district that your child … Continue reading

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Yes, Government CAN Confiscate Your Gun (Without a Warrant)

Many conservatives and libertarians in the US are optimistic about the American tradition of gun ownership and the 2nd amendment upon which it is predicated, and by which it is guaranteed. Many don’t understand, however, that the 2nd amendment no … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Is New Hampshire Ready For Another Unsustainable Social Experiment?

HB628 (Family Medical Leave Insurance) would implement a bureaucratic social scheme above and beyond the federal program that already exists. There are four main points to consider… | Keep Reading at LibertyBlock.com

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Hey, NH! Want A State Income Tax?

A great many residents of New Hampshire would tell you that their absolute favorite thing about living in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state is the absence of a state income tax. New Hampshire is one of only seven States … Continue reading

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