Hey, NH! Want A State Income Tax?

A great many residents of New Hampshire would tell you that their absolute favorite thing about living in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state is the absence of a state income tax. New Hampshire is one of only seven States that do not have an income tax. In addition to the thousands of dollars less per year that the NH government forcibly takes from its citizens, the absence of a state income tax represents the NH culture — a culture of personal liberty and limited government.

However, some authoritarian politicians want that to end. | Keep Reading at LibertyBlock.com

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1 Response to Hey, NH! Want A State Income Tax?

  1. Dawn Pettiglio says:

    NH already has income tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We tax interest & dividends as well as business profits and then there is the ominous Business Enterprise tax – which is how NH taxes W2 wages and pretends it doesn’t.

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