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10 Things to Watch for at NH Town Meetings!

Many people who live in NH still do not understand the importance of attending town meetings. Town meetings/deliberative sessions and votes in SB2 towns are where the BULK of your taxes are raised and money is spent. Starting in January, … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution for NH Politicians – Stop Lying to Voters

January 1st is usually a day of reflection for many people over the previous year. It’s also a day where people create New Year’s Resolutions to make some sort of change in the new year. Political Buzz decided it might be … Continue reading

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A Year-End Judicial Triumph for Constitutional Conservatives

The news got lost in a lot of the end of the year taxapalooza, but the administration, which even the most Trump-skeptical conservative would have to acknowledge has done an excellent job on judges ( a record 12 appellate judges … Continue reading

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Coal to the rescue as record cold grips the East.

Coal to the rescue as record cold grips the East. That’s right – the natural resource that Obama declared war against (his promise to bankrupt any new coal fired electrical plant) from before his first inauguration. |More at GraniteGrok.com

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Out-of-State Org Setting up Shop to Interfere in NH Elections

Yesterday, the out-of-state organization known as “Let America Vote” announced they will be setting up shop in New Hampshire in order to interfere with the 2018 elections. They are an organization that is run by former Missouri Secretary of State Jason … Continue reading

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N.H. Business Tax Rates Will Decrease In 2018

The new year means New Hampshire businesses will pay lower taxes. Two key state business taxes were first reduced in 2016, the result of a compromise between then Governor Hassan and Republican lawmakers. The deal allowed for further tax cuts … Continue reading

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Chronic Capital Confusion

Timberlane’s administration appears to inhabit a state of chronic capital confusion (sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration) about which budget accounts constitute capital expenditures. | Keep Reading at timberlaneandsandown

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