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N.H. House Hearings on RTK Bills on January 23 Starting at 10:00

The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee will hold a day full of hearings on Right-to-Know bills on January 23, 2018 starting at 10:00 a.m. A total of 7 bills, all concerning RSA 91-A, the Right-to-Know Law, will be considered. The hearings will … Continue reading

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School choice poses no threat to great or good public schools

Reviewing his 1/9/18 column, one has to wonder if E. Scott Cracraft intentionally tries to mislead readers, if he just doesn’t care about children getting a decent start in life, if he’s blind to public education’s failures, or if he … Continue reading

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You say sh*t show, I say sh*t hole

This week, President Trump was accused of referring to Haiti and some African countries as “shi*t holes”.  According to the Oxford dictionary, this is defined as “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.” This definition includes nothing about race, although … Continue reading

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Special exception denied for proposed gun range in Warner

WARNER — A special exception for a proposed gun range was denied on a 3-2 vote by the zoning board Wednesday after nearly a year of controversy. The first motion made was to approval the special exception, which did not … Continue reading

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Recording of NH Board of Ed. Green v. SAU 55

On Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018, the New Hampshire Board of Education heard arguments to dismiss or not dismiss my complaint to them about salary setting practices at SAU 55. James O’Shaughnessy represented SAU 55.  He spoke first for 23 minutes, … Continue reading

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Right of feds to make drug arrests at I-93 immigration roadblocks challenged

PLYMOUTH — District Court Judge Thomas Rappa is considering whether to dismiss state drug charges against 16 people stopped at federal Border Patrol immigration checkpoints on Interstate 93 in Woodstock in August and September. *| Keep Reading at the Union … Continue reading

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New Hampshire City Council Wades into Net Neutrality Fray

(TNS) — Stepping into a charged national debate over Internet regulation, a Keene, N.H., city council committee Wednesday signaled its opposition to the federal government’s recent repeal of so-called net neutrality rules. | Keep Reading at Govtech.com

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Family Profile: One Size Does Not Fit All

A lot of people ask me why I support SB193.  The answer is complicated.  I am the mother of a child with multiple learning challenges.  My child has autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia.  My child originally attended our local public … Continue reading

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