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There is an all out assault on parental rights in New Hampshire

Parents in New Hampshire fought long and hard to pass a state law that would require written consent before their children took an invasive survey in their local public school.  We heard from parents and school board members across New … Continue reading

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Taxpayers Deserve Legal Standing!

Taxpayers Should Be Able to Sue the Government! Support CACR 15 to Reinstate Taxpayer Standing! CACR 15 proposes a Constitutional amendment enabling taxpayers to bring judgments against the government. Granite State Taxpayers supported such an amendment (then numbered CACR 5) in … Continue reading

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Regarding SB3

We understand and support the efforts of members of the NH Legislature to try and stop the thousands of out-of-state voters who tip elections in our state. CNHT has been working to identify non-resident voters and all forms of election … Continue reading

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Trans Activists and their Allies Continue to Lie about Discrimination in NH

For the past few weeks, Freedom NH, funded by out-of-state millionaires in the LGBTQ movement, has been pushing sponsored ads on social media trying to convince everyone in New Hampshire that trans people somehow don’t have the same protections from discrimination … Continue reading

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Manifest Educational Hardship, a Needed Release-Valve

The Manifest Educational Hardship (MEH) statute is in RSA 193:3. As currently written, school boards are required to adopt policies consistent with the state BOE rules (Ed 320) which require families to demonstrate that a hardship exists at the assigned school, … Continue reading

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Online Voter Registration in N.H.?

New Hampshire is one of about a dozen remaining states that doesn’t allow online voter registration — but a bill introduced this year could change that. Similar proposals surfaced in 2016 and 2017, but neither gained traction — in part, because they … Continue reading

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Are NH Schools Practicing Mental Health Quackery On Your Kids?

The new federal law, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), pushes schools to shift their focus away from academics to treating your child’s mental health.  This is something I take very seriously since some children come to school having to deal with all … Continue reading

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Smuttynose Brewery to be Auctioned Off

Interested in purchasing a well-known New Hampshire brewery? You’ll need a quarter million dollars to just get a seat at the upcoming Smuttynose auction. An information packet for potential bidders released Thursday describes the sale as an “opportunity to buy an ongoing … Continue reading

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