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NH Senate Passes Bill to Crack Down on Voter Fraud

CONCORD (AP) — The Republican-led New Hampshire Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to further tighten eligibility requirements for voters even though the Legislature’s previous attempt to do so remains stalled in court. College students and others can now declare … Continue reading

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New Hampshire House Votes to Back $3,000 School Voucher Bill

CONCORD (AP) — The New Hampshire House gave preliminary approval to a school voucher bill on Wednesday, taking a significant step toward allowing public money to be used for private school tuition. The bill, which is supported by Republican Gov. … Continue reading

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Abortion Statistics: “Inexpedient to Legislate,” Says N.H. House

The New Hampshire House today rejected HB 471, on abortion statistics. The bill would have put New Hampshire in line with the Centers for Disease Control, which has collected statistics for abortion surveillance for many years. The vote on an … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood Net Revenue from 2017 Report – $1,459,600,000 (That’s $1.46 Billion)

The only thing that triggers Democrats more saying “Trump” is suggesting that they shouldn’t be taking money from you and giving it to Planned Parenthood. They’re apoplectic at the thought. Some Neo-Feminists will sit and knit if you put Trump them in … Continue reading

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Vermont rehashes recreational marijuana bill as legislative year comes to a start

Vermont lawmakers are expected to consider a recreational marijuana bill this week that would make The Green Mountain State the first in the nation to legalize weed with its legislature rather than a voter referendum. | Keep Reading at the Washington … Continue reading

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Three Questions Raised by the Attorney General’s “Constitutional OK” of Education Savings Account

Three questions: First, what the hell took the Attorney General so long to correct the erroneous legal opinion that he rendered in April: | More at the Ed Mosca Blog

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The Legislature will act Wednesday or Thursday on these important Bills!

The Legislature will act Wednesday or Thursday on these important Bills! Election Reform (HB372), Interest & Dividends Tax Reduction (HB529), Education Savings Accounts (SB193)…| Read More here

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Reduce Interest And Dividend Tax!

The Union Leader front page headline said it best (“Tax plan analyzed: 89% of NH would save,” December 20) about how federal tax reform will put more money in Granite Staters’ pockets, boost our economy, and make our state even … Continue reading

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