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Authorities Watching Huge Ice Jam on River on the Piscataquog River

NEW BOSTON, N.H. (AP) — Authorities say an ice jam formed on the Piscataquog River in New Hampshire is more than 3,000 feet long — or 10 football fields. Authorities are monitoring it, and they’re concerned that it will cause flooding in … Continue reading

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Superintendents should not be permitted to consult.

The Baltimore Sun today has a well-researched article about a former Baltimore County superintendent earning undisclosed income from a shady now-defunct educational consulting organization.  It highlights the pernicious conflicts of interest that can arise when superintendents receive income from consulting.  … Continue reading

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GraniteGrok Improves to Eighth Place in Alexa NH Media Rankings

Twenty-Two days ago I announced a Grok ‘Resolution’ of sorts. Our effort to overtake the Keen Sentinel in Alexa’s US Rankings. Everyone needs goals, right? I’m happy to report that we’ve made some progress. | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok.com

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The Freedom to Invest

One of the freedoms that I enjoy most is the liberty to invest in whatever I believe in. We Americans have the freedom to invest in infinite stocks, currencies, real estate, guns, ammunition, food, cars, retirement accounts, and practically anything … Continue reading

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But Wait, There’s More

ust when you think you’re on top of all the life-issue bills in Concord, something else turns up. Comes now a measure that would nullify the parental notification law for abortion – and would eliminate the need for parental consent … Continue reading

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Gov. Sununu Says “Happy School Choice Week” – No Choice Marxists Hate On Him

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu posted pictures on Facebook in celebration of school choice week. And while most of the comments I saw were favorable, the government-school-only crowd came out to give him grief. | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok.com

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