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How Many Non-US Citizens Are Registered To Vote In New Hampshire?

J. Christian Adams and PILF have been successful in suing several states for public information each state is required to keep – that would be the Green Card holders who have driver’s licenses and the statewide voter database. Pa. has … Continue reading

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UNH Poll: NH Voters Support Education Savings Accounts

Although most Granite Staters are unfamiliar with the education savings accounts (ESAs), a clear majority of those who have an opinion about ESAs are in favor of them, according to a new poll by the University of New Hampshire. | More at … Continue reading

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Should delinquent taxpayers face 18 percent interest penalties?

During a recent discussion in the New Hampshire House, some representatives described homeowners who fall behind on property taxes largely as people who may be in a rough stretch due to unemployment, illness or age – but others saw those … Continue reading

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The Trans-Bill is Back and There’s Gonna Be Trouble…

The Trans-Bill is back (HB 1319) as Kimberly Morin joins me to talk about the legislation, how it threatens actual rights, violates women’s privacy, carves out special exceptions, and why we don’t even need it. | More at

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House votes to ban sobriety checkpoints

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Police would no longer be allowed to set up sobriety checkpoints under a bill passed by lawmakers in the New Hampshire House. The bill’s supporters argued that checkpoints are inefficient and said that according to one … Continue reading

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A list of Companies that Have Cut NRA Discounts After Parkland

The following companies caved to liberal pressure by blaming the NRA because the NRA is something the left can blame. Lord knows you can’t blame all those bits and pieces of government that failed. The state and federal safety net the … Continue reading

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Who Enabled Nikolas Cruz to Get a Gun Legally?

Apart from the shooter, the real culprits in the Parkland shooting are the people with the responsibility and the authority to protect the school and the public.  Prompted by self-interest and leftist ideology, the Sheriff and School Administrators conspired to … Continue reading

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School Choice for NH: Family Profile: Growing and Learning

Children have one opportunity for a K-12 education that fits their individual needs. Our Family Profile series features New Hampshire families that benefit from educational options. This profile comes from a family that discovered homeschooling is the perfect fit that … Continue reading

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House votes to cut R and D tax cap to hike interest and dividends tax deductions

The NH House has voted to roll back the research and development tax credit for businesses in order to increase interest and dividend tax deductions for individuals. The House voted 182-143 on Thursday to OK House Bill 1554 at the … Continue reading

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When a Tax is a Tax on Income

Advancing NH Public Education must hate seniors. At least that is what we can only surmise from their less than impressionable mention of Senator Andy Sanborn’s effective effort to reduce and eventually eradicate the NH state tax on interest and … Continue reading

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