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Town by Town Snow Totals For April 1st

These are as of 11:30 am so there will be higher accumulations at storms end. | NH1

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NH Fish & Game Thinks Mere Possession is Crime

When we were trying to make Constitutional Carry the law in New Hampshire, the anti-gun activists on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission opposed SB 12.  You can click here to read the meeting minutes.   Please read the January … Continue reading

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The Democrats Can’t Even support Our Own Law?

All over the Right side of the blogosphere, I keep hearing whispers “are we heading towards a civil war”? It is quite obvious that this nation is split and I would agree that the crevice is becoming a chasm. The … Continue reading

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Education Bills Scheduled for Week of April 3, 2017

We are just past the half-way point of the legislative session with the House and Senate having exchanged surviving bills. As always, the detailed schedule with our analysis and recommendations is below with legislators’ contact information at the end. Keep … Continue reading

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Senate Hearing on Bill HB170 on Posting Notices and Minutes on Web

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on HB170  for Tuesday April 4th at 9:15 am in the State House Room 100.  This bill is sponsored by Rep. Ed Comeau (R) and was amended by the House. The bill … Continue reading

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Where Were Out-of-State IDs Used to Vote in New Hampshire Last November?

There’s no mention of the thousands who registered with no ID in a state where a US Senate seat was flipped by a few hundred votes, but the graphs and maps are cool. In the 2016 general election, according to … Continue reading

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How Dependent is New Hampshire on the Firearms Industry?

Site ranks New Hampshire 12th in U.S. for dependence on firearms industry. But should you believe them?  Wallet Hub lists New Hampshire as the second most dependent state on firearms industry jobs. It also ranks the GraniteState 4yth in gun … Continue reading

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Is Brine Better or Worse for De-Icing New Hampshire Roads?

There is a debate in New Hampshire and other states about using liquefied road-clearing materials like brine instead of rock salt. Brine works quicker and is more effective at preventing ice.  Brine can, therefore, make roads safer. However, brine also causes … Continue reading

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Where Does NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley Fit In With DNC Reform?

I tried not to laugh out loud. I really did. After an unsuccessful run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Ray Buckley wants to change the way the national party does its elections–yet how much influence and power he … Continue reading

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Dan Itse: Christianity is not Socialism

First, NO Christianity is not socialist. It is based entirely upon personal responsibility. While first century Christians often lived in a communal manner, it was voluntary. Socialism and communism are never voluntary. Keep reading… | GraniteGrok

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