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How Local Assessments Raise Your Electric Bill

Many are using unjust assessments and collecting excessive property taxes from utilities. As a consequence, we’re all paying for it through higher electricity and other utility costs. As with any other cost of doing business, electric, gas and water providers … Continue reading

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New Hampshire’s per capita income is fifth in the nation

Per capita personal income in New Hampshire accelerated last year more than in any other state in New England, despite a slight slowdown in income in the United States as a whole. Personal income grew by 4.7 percent in the … Continue reading

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Now They Want Babies and Toddlers for the Workforce

Full day kindergarten was just the beginning.  The next political push will be for universal pre-school.  After that, they will want to get a hold of your children after birth. All you have to do is google Common Core and … Continue reading

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Milford New Hampshire Considers Firearms Ban on Town Property

MILFORD -Selectmen are considering a rule that would ban firearms at the Brox property, except for gun use by licensed hunters in season. Last week, the board asked Milford Police Chief Michael Viola to draft the rule’s wording. Milford Cabinet … Continue reading

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A-I am the end of the World

Many believe freedom of thought is already over-controlled now with so much government regulation, oversight, and “political correctness” to force feed us into accepting a personal gut feeling we feel or may think to reject or to force decisions in our lives or labels … Continue reading

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Task Force Farce: NH Should Return the Sex Money

With state and federal budgets in the news, and costs to the taxpayers ever-increasing, the question of “wants and needs” ought to be applied across the board. For instance, does New Hampshire need a federally-funded “Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force?” … Continue reading

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NH Towns vs. EPA MS4 Stormwater Rules

Municipalities throughout the state are waiting to see how the Trump administration will handle stormwater regulations, but some are ramping up spending in anticipation of the new rules going into effect. The new process for the issuance of MS4 permits, … Continue reading

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Attorney: Vermont’s lax residency laws play a role in alleged voter fraud case

Did non-resident absentee ballots tip local election in a small New England town? The attorney who successfully petitioned Essex Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Mann to stop the town of Victory’s upcoming Selectboard runoff election said Vermont’s lax residency laws are partly to blame for … Continue reading

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Bill that would allow Eversource-Hydro-Quebec deal wins approval

The state Senate passed a bill Thursday that would enable Eversource to purchase power for its New Hampshire customers over Northern Pass transmission lines, for the ratepayers’ benefit and at their risk. The Senate passed Senate Bill 128 just days … Continue reading

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Much Ado in NH About Gas Taxes

The state gasoline tax raised $128 million in 2006. Last year, even though lawmakers had raised the state portion by four cents a gallon, it brought in $124.3 million, he said. “Everyone wants more mileage-efficient vehicles,” Boynton said, “but the … Continue reading

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