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Shawn Jasper’s Hypocrisy on Full-Day Kindergarten

Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper doesn’t think that full-day kindergarten is a good idea because, get this, it expands government… But, Jasper just last year cast the deciding vote to prevent the State’s Obamacare Medicaid Expansion from being tied … Continue reading

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French Parent Company to Sell off Stonyfield Farm

Global Giant to sell off the New Hampshire dairy farm to avoid regulators concerns over a dairy monopoly. As part of the agreement in principle, in order to facilitate the prompt closing of the WhiteWave acquisition, Danone has decided to … Continue reading

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US Dept. of Energy bans ‘Climate Change’ From All Communications

Rick Perry’s Department of Energy is making some changes (too good not to share). A supervisor at the Energy Department’s international climate office told staff this week not to use the phrases “climate change,” “emissions reduction” or “Paris Agreement” in … Continue reading

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This Week Has Seen Major Setbacks For Eversource, Northern Pass.

The month of March hasn’t been good to Northern Pass and its parent company, Eversource. First, there were the conflicting media reports that its Canadian partner, Hydro-Québec (HQ), isn’t paying for any part of the hydroelectric transmission line in New Hampshire. … Continue reading

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Derry Festival Pairs Craft Beer, Independent Film

New Hampshire is experiencing a craft beer boom of late, with more breweries popping up across the state. There’s also been more interest in local, independent films. A week-long festival that kicks off in Derry Sunday night pairs those two … Continue reading

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Senators Hassan and Shaheen Prefer to Punish New Hampshire

US Senate Votes to Repeal Policy Penalizing States. Vice-President Pence broke a tie in the U.S. Senate yesterday. What passed, thanks to him and 50 Senators, was effectively a repeal of an Obama policy penalizing states that refuse to do … Continue reading

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Parents Disrespected by New Hampshire State Board of Education

The state Board of Education held their most recent meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2017. The agenda always allows public comment and states Board members will only ask clarifying questions but will not provide feedback. This day several parents signed … Continue reading

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State Senate Declines to Ratify Results of Postponed Town Votes

As another storm looms. CONCORD — The Senate voted Thursday to study the rescheduling of elections, but declined to embrace a move to ratify results of towns that postponed their votes and town meetings due to the March 14 snowstorm. … Continue reading

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Bill to Ban Russian Vodka in New Hampshire Liquor Stores is Defeated

Sen. Woodburn doing somebodies business. Legislators have defeated a bill that suggested suspending or banning Russian vodka in response to Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. Senators on Thursday rejected Democratic Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn’s bill, which would’ve set … Continue reading

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Rich Girard’s Epic Rant Against Senate Bill 3 – Residency and Domicile for Voting Purposes

If you think NH SB3 will tighten domicile and residency rules to protect your vote you’d be wrong. This is a must listen- follow the link below. After commenting on a controversy surrounding the Manchester Police Department’s pay raises, Rich … Continue reading

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