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DOJ to Sanctuary Cities: Show Compliance or Lose Funds

The letters, sent to the relevant authorities in New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, and the “sanctuary state” of California, makes clear that Byrne Grants, a major program by which the federal Department of Justice … Continue reading

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SOC is Testing Airborne Direct Energy Weapons

The directed energy weapon is “rapidly moving” from the conceptual to the practical, he said in late March. Webb recently visited MIT Lincoln Labs to view its advancements, and saw Naval Sea Systems Command Dahlgren’s latest efforts to network all … Continue reading

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Gov. Chris Sununu’s Remarks – RCRC Freedom Founders Dinner

At Rockingham County’s Freedom Founders Dinner last night, MC Jeff Chidester declared that he thought it foolish to measure an executive by the first 100 days, but that he was very impressed with the work that Governor Chris Sununu has … Continue reading

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Corey Lewandowski – Keynote Speaker, RCRC Freedom Founders Dinner

Corey’s full remarks. Corey Begins at 4′ 30″ | GraniteGrok Please Like and Share New Media Militia Links on Facebook

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There is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment

There is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment. Hateful ideas (whatever exactly that might mean) are just as protected under the First Amendment as other ideas. One is as free to condemn, for instance, Islam — or Muslims, … Continue reading

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Who Makes the best Tacos in New Hampshire?

WMUR.com wants to know the very best things in New Hampshire in our weekly segment, Viewers’ Choice. This week, we’re feeling like getting some tacos, but what’s the best place to get them in New Hampshire? More… | WMUR Please … Continue reading

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NOW Seacoast Online Cares About Public Education?

Per the article below, the editor at Seacoastonline.com suggests that the Education Commissioner must NOW be kept in check. Really? NOW they want to keep a close eye on the Commissioner of Education in New Hampshire? … Commissioner Edelblut has made … Continue reading

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Parent and Certified Teacher from Pelham, NH Supports Choice

Katie, a certified teacher and Pelham resident … supports public education [but] she believes taxes should go to support the children as our educational dollars are intended. As a teacher she has seen how public education does not fit all … Continue reading

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Portsmouth Sea Level Rise Fraud

Just for perspective, I’ve modified NOAA’s Sea Level Rise (SLR) graph (mostly to scale) for Portland ME to illustrate what needs to happen for the scaremongering climate cult’s mythical six feet of sea level rise to happen by 2100. Portland, … Continue reading

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March for Science Modeled on Women Day March

The Women’s March was an anti-Donald Trump festival. Fine. I found it vulgar and demeaning to women, but it’s a free country. Science, however, to be respected, must be purely the search for truth. The organizers of this “March for … Continue reading

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