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Local Prostitutes Get Hammered

Two local women were arrested on prostitution charges as part of an Operation Granite Hammer sweep in Nashua this week, according to police. Arrested during the sweep were Amber Barton, 18, pictured left, of Waterville Drive in Merrimack, and Crystal … Continue reading

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Yale Study: Facebook makes you sad

And not just because Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard. Regular use of social media network Facebook, which reached 1.2 billion users earlier this week, can leave users feeling sad or unfulfilled, according to a study from Yale University.  More… | … Continue reading

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The ACLU’s BullCrap Attacks on SB 3

The ACLU in a recent op-ed claim that SB 3 “would effectively criminalize legitimate voters who cannot provide documentation proving where they live and cause government ‘agents’ to visit these legitimate voters.”  Let’s examine those charges. More… | Ed Mosca Blog Get … Continue reading

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Bill would require parental consent for non-academic surveys

A Republican-backed proposal in the Legislature would require parental consent before elementary, middle and high school students can take “non-academic” surveys.The bill has passed the Senate and House lawmakers will be working on it Tuesday.It makes an exception for the … Continue reading

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Benevolent Sexist Shot Trying to Save Woman

Tulane Medical student Peter Gold was shot in the stomach. The injury is the result of his trying to intervene when he saw a man dragging a woman into an SUV. Where does this rank on the benevolent sexism scale? … Continue reading

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Education Bills Scheduled for Week of April 17, 2017

The House and Senate must finalize bills by April 25th if they must go to a second committee, generally those with fiscal notes. Any differences between the House and Senate versions must be negotiated as we head into May and … Continue reading

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Education Funding: Donor Towns and Bedford’s Financial Frustration

Rich talked about education funding, starting by sharing about the suit that Bedford is filing for what it believes is its rightful allocation of state aid. He spoke about the power of the Governor’s office and how our colonial relatives … Continue reading

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