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An Alternate Feeder Pattern For Manchester Schools

On Monday, April 10th, the Board of School Committee will entertain redistricting recommendations made by Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas and Leslie Want, the Committee Member from Ward 4 and Chair of Special Committee on Redistricting.  It is immediately below this … Continue reading

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Get a Better Grip on the Convoluted War In Syria

This video is from Ezra Klein and Vox, but it is worth watching. They do an excellent job of explaining the timeline and who is involved with whom for what apparent reasons. More… | GraniteGrok

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Rep. Caleb Dyer – What Happened to the NH Budget?

This past Wednesday and Thursday the New Hampshire House of Representatives failed to approve either HB1 or HB2 with their committee amendments.  The failure was caused by an unexpected coalition of Democrats and the NH House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) in … Continue reading

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Five Marijuana Bills To Get Public Hearings

The New Hampshire House has overwhelmingly passed several marijuana policy reforms, and five will receive public hearings in the Senate on Tuesday, April 11. This is a very important day for advocacy at the state house, so please check your … Continue reading

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Claremont Police Searching for Carjacking Suspect

Police in Claremont said someone carjacked an employee at Walmart late Friday night and they are looking for a suspect. Police were called to Walmart around 11 p.m. for a reported assault and car theft. Police said when they arrived … Continue reading

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There’s a Giant Asteroid Hurdling Toward Earth

Astronomers discovered 2014 J025 three years ago (you guessed it in 2014). This will be its closest encounter with Earth for the last 400 years. NASA said telescopes around the world will be trained on it during the flyby to … Continue reading

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Diplomacy With Iran is Over -and so is the Era of Obama’s Straw Men

President Trump did more than retaliate for Bashar al-Assad’s illegal and inhumane use of nerve agents against civilians when he ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles to destroy al-Shayrat airbase in Syria. He also detonated a few shibboleths of … Continue reading

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State Regulators Reject Northern Pass Delay

State regulators rejected a six-month delay in its review of the Northern Pass power transmission project setting the stage for long-awaited hearings to begin next Thursday. In a unanimous decision Thursday, the Site Evaluation Committee rejected the request of several … Continue reading

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Good Transparency at Wilton School District Meeting – Initially

Dave Ridley | Ridley Report The New Media Militia is on Facebook & Twitter

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Plaistow Selectman Charged with DWI After Crash

Selectman Tammy Bergeron was arrested Thursday on a drunken driving charge after an accident on Main Street. Bergeron, 41, of 4 Harmony Way, was charged with DWI and was released on $1,000 personal recognizance bond, according to Police Chief Kathleen … Continue reading

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